CenterPoint Church exists to be a safe place where people are freed by the power of the Gospel, changed by the Holy Spirit, and sent to restore the kingdom of God in the world around us.   

All of the above happens as we believe the gospel, live in light of the gospel, and share the gospel with others. To keep it simple, we have summarized our statement as the slogan Come. Grow. Go.:

Come as you are. 
Grow in grace and truth. 
Go as Jesus says.


At CenterPoint Church, we’re just like you. Each one of us are on a journey to discover our identity and our purpose: who we are and why we’re here. Life can be a struggle and we don’t always make the right choices on the journey. So our church is a place where we can be real with each other as we figure out who God designed us to be, and what kind of life he wants us to live. When we come to Jesus, we don’t need to “clean up our lives” first. He accepts us just as we are, despite our sin and failures, because he loves us.


Jesus accepts us as we are. But he doesn’t want us to stay that way.  He gave his life so that we could be freed from sin and death, to be free to live in such a way that reflects him in the world around us. To do that, we must change. 

God has a plan for our lives: a plan to grow, mature, and change us into something better than we could possibly imagine. He wants to transform us to be like him. This may sound like an impossible task, but like any worthwhile thing, it takes time. And nothing is impossible with God! That transformation takes place as the Holy Spirit molds us and guides us in all truth. This change doesn’t just take place individually, but also as we fellowship together.

At CenterPoint, this happens as we worship and sit under the preaching with God's Word with one another.  Then we meet in small groups throughout the week (Community Groups, Bible Studies) to encourage and strengthen each other in our walk with Christ.  And we serve alongside one another in lovingly reaching out to our community.  


Once Jesus changes your life, he asks you to share the hope and freedom he’s given you with others.  We learn that life is not about us; it’s about bringing glory to God.  So we share God’s love through serving others and helping them to experience that same love that saved us.